After the challenges of 2020, many are ready for a new year. How will you set a new tone for the new year? New focus? New habits? New career? New hope?

How about a new whiter and brighter smile?

One of the quickest ways to transform your smile is through professional teeth whitening. The Murray Dental Group will analyze your current shade and create a personalized plan to move you up the whitening scale. As dental professionals, we are able to use a stronger, more effective concentration of whitening agents resulting in better results than over-the-counter options.

New Confidence

It’s not uncommon for people with yellow or stained teeth to cover their mouth when they talk or keep their mouth closed when they smile. As a result, others often perceive them as having low self-confidence. A whiter smile gives you the confidence you need to show the world your best you.

New Look

Maybe now is the time for you to refresh your appearance. According to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96% of Americans are drawn to people with an appealing smile.  There’s nothing like a whiter, brighter smile to dramatically improve your overall appearance. It’s quick, easy, and sets a great tone for the new you in 2021.

New Opportunities

Could a whiter, brighter smile be your ticket to new opportunities in 2021? According to a study by Kelton Research, 65% of people with whitened teeth were thought to be more professional, 58% were more likely to be hired, and 53% received higher salary offers than those without whitened teeth.

New Photos

Hopefully the new year will be filled with more opportunities for adventure, fun, travel, and an ocean full of snapshot moments you’ll want to share with the world. Make sure your smile is ready for the pictures to come. Professional teeth whitening will set you at ease to smile without worry – and without the need for post-picture filters.

New Year, New You

If you’re interested in a whiter, brighter smile for 2021, please contact the Murray Dental Group today.

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