‍According to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96% of Americans are drawn to people with an appealing smile. As a result, many desire a whiter, brighter smile for personal and professional reasons.

Options abound when it comes to teeth whitening. More and more generic over-the-counter whitening treatments continue to show up on shelves. Labels shout promises of quick results and ease of use. While some over-the-counter products may provide a general level of whitening benefit for customers, they lack professional-grade materials, personalized treatment guidance, and the best possible results.

From gum sensitivity to customized treatment options and full whitening coverage, we have extensive experience in delivering whiter, brighter smiles. So before you attempt do-it-yourself treatments on your own, we highly recommend you consider the following advantages of teeth whitening with the Murray Dental Group.

1. You’ll know your starting point

Whiter is better, but do you know what shade your teeth are right now? Do you know how many shades whiter they can become? We begin with analyzing your current shade. With a professional tooth shade guide we will mark a starting point.

2. You’ll know what to expect

Rather than empty promises plastered on box covers, our extensive experience allows us to tell you the truth about what to expect from whitening treatment. Certain conditions and existing stains may or may not be effectively treated by whitening methods. We have the experience to know how many shades you can expect to improve.

3. You’ll experience customized treatment designed to fit you

While many over-the-counter options offer one-size-fits-all solutions, our goal is to ensure full whitening coverage while also protecting your gums and overall oral health. We design personalized whitening solutions to fit your smile and give you the results you want.

4. You’ll get the most effective solutions available

As licensed dental care providers, we have access to professional-grade materials inaccessible to the general public.

5. You’ll enjoy ongoing professional guidance

During your regular cleanings and checkups, we will continue to monitor the shade of your teeth. We may recommend options for eating and drinking certain items to maintain whiteness as well as other oral hygiene habits to help extend the effectiveness of your treatment.

Contact the Murray Dental Group today for a complimentary teeth-whitening consultation to discover the treatment solution that will work best for you and your smile.

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