The sun shines brightly. Flowers show off their full bloom. Green grass carpets the landscapes. Kids celebrate their last few days of school. Shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits abound. Pools open. Parks fill with play. Stress melts away. Moods lighten.  Smiles and laughter reflect the hope of a few months full of new memories.

Summer has arrived.

While you may not be thinking about the dentist as you bask in the sun, summer tends to be a popular time to whiten your smile. As everything around you comes to life over the next few months, you might want to brighten up your smile with a professional whitening treatment.

Here are a few reasons to consider a trip to the Murray Dental Group for a whiter smile this summer:

1. Picture Time

Whether you plan to hit the beach or just enjoy the sunshine without the sand, summers seem to create perfect photo opportunities. Picnics, summer sports, hiking, boating, swimming, and other activities are guaranteed to present some snapshot moments. While some are working hard to shed a few pounds on the way to a beach body, make sure your smile is ready for the pictures to come.

2. Free To Smile

Rather than hide your smile or be self conscious because of tooth discoloration, why not smile freely without worry this summer? Imagine laughing without wondering if someone is judging you based on your teeth color. A whiter, brighter smile can make you more at ease to flash a toothy grin as you enjoy friends, fun, and family this summer.

3. Refresh Your Look

Remember the first day back to school in middle school or high school? Some of your classmates changed significantly over the summer. They gained height or weight, altered her hair or his style, and some magically became much more attractive. Summer is a great time to make changes. Whiter teeth have the potential to dramatically brighten your smile and improve your overall appearance.

4. It’s Simple

Teeth whitening treatment is a simple process when guided by the experienced hands of a trained dental clinician. We analyze your current shade and create a personalized plan to move you up the whitening scale. As dental professionals, we are able to use a stronger, more effective concentration of whitening agents resulting in better results than over-the-counter options.

Are you ready for a whiter, brighter smile? We are here to help. Call the Murray Dental Group today to get started on your summer smile.

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