From an early age, we are taught the basics of good oral health care habits. Brush properly at least twice a day. Floss daily. Rinse regularly with the appropriate mouthwash. Visit the Murray Dental Group every six months for a thorough professional cleaning and exam.

When it comes to food and drink, most people know to avoid sugar-saturated and tooth-staining products. You may also be aware of the benefits of teeth sealants to protect your smile from decay. But, there are also a few unusual yet simple changes that patients of all ages can make today to help keep cavities away.

1. Add Gum and Candy

Chewing sugarless gum and eating sugar-free candy, especially gum with Xylitol (a natural sugar substitute), can help prevent tooth decay which leads to cavities. Look for hard candy and lollipops with Xylitol. Not only does sugar-free gum chewing and candy eating keep the tooth washing saliva flowing, the Xylitol makes it difficult for bacteria causing acid to grow and metabolize.

2. Say Cheese

Cheese increases saliva production and contains calcium, which is part of what makes up your teeth. Increased saliva levels help wash away acid on your teeth, while the calcium fortifies the enamel and lowers the risk of cavities. If you really want to add a little more teeth-supporting calcium, consider also adding more milk to your diet.

3. Hydrate

Water provides a powerful boost for the entire body, including your teeth. Unlike cavity-causing sugary drinks, water does not contain any tooth decaying acids. Water with fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and protects teeth. Simple, satisfying, and healthy, water also helps rinse tooth surfaces of bacteria while keeping your mouth hydrated for better saliva production.

Please continue consistent, daily oral health care habits, but consider adding some cheese, sugar-free gum and candy, and a bit more water to your regular diet. Your teeth will thank you.

If you have further questions about cavity prevention, cavity treatment, or are interested in dental sealants, please contact the Murray Dental Group today.

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