“What would you do if it was you?”

This is one of the most common questions the Murray Dental Group receives when we offer treatment options to patients. When it comes to tooth replacement, our dentists would consistently choose dental implants for ourselves and our loved ones.

Although we offer many treatment options, below are a few reasons why our dentists recommend implants when applicable.

1. Reliability

Unlike many modern appliances and technology products today, dental implants are extremely reliable. Because they are permanently affixed to your mouth, they do not slide, shift or move at all regardless of what you choose to eat. Every time you take a bite, they are primed and ready to do their job. Other removable treatment solutions wear down over time, require regular adjustments, and necessitate ongoing maintenance. Modern dental implants from the Murray Dental Group do not decay, cannot develop cavities, and are designed to remain consistently reliable.

2. Strength

While dentures often provide less than half of your natural teeth’s power, dental implants restore your full bite force. No shifting. No pain. No worries. Through a process called osseointegration, the naturally compatible titanium used in dental implants biologically fuses with your existing bone structure to strengthen your jawbone and offer full bite strength throughout your life. You are not just getting a beautiful tooth replacement; you are essentially planting new roots into your jaw that will help maintain your facial shape.

3. Longevity

Dental implants are designed to deliver a long-term solution. With regular dental visits and daily oral hygiene, implants will continue to look and act like natural, permanent, healthy teeth throughout your lifetime. Unlike other tooth replacement options, implant treatment leaves your existing teeth fully intact, leading to better overall oral health. Although implants may require more of an investment upfront, it is typically a one-time fee and their longevity makes them the more cost effective solution over the long-term.

The next time you wonder what Murray Dental Group dentists would do if they had a missing or damaged tooth, the answer is unanimous. Dental implants provide the best solution.

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